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13 Reasons Why You Should Travel And See The World

1. To help countries by providing jobs and income


You may not realise, but when you travel, you will be helping that destination as you create demand for services. This might be transport services, tours, hotels, and restaurants. As a result, local people can fill the jobs that are created and you as a traveller will be bringing money into the country to pay for it. Nowadays, many countries around the world rely on tourism to provide a huge part of their income.

2. To see beautiful destinations

Reasons Why You Should Travel And See The World

One of the biggest reasons people travel is to see new and beautiful destinations. Such as an exotic paradise, or a historic city. The good thing is that there are beautiful places to visit on all corners of the globe, so you have plenty of options and won’t run out anytime soon.

3. For the personal experience that helps you grow as a person

Travelling will help you grow as a person, especially if you are travelling solo. You might learn new skills and techniques, see and experience different things and will naturally grow and develop yourself.

4. To appreciate where you’re from

I’ve found that sometimes when I travel it makes me appreciate what I have back home. If you are from a developed country and are visiting a developing and run down the country then you will probably find it a bit of a culture shock. Then on returning home you will find you appreciate your home that much more

‎5. For the photography opportunities


For those that love photography then you should definitely travel as much as possible. You will find photogenic destinations all around the world, from beautiful cities and incredible landscapes.

If you’re not the strongest photographer then travel will provide lots of opportunities for you to improve. You will also find heaps of tips and techniques to help improve your photography on this blog.

6. For the challenges travel gives you

Travel can be a great challenge. If you are someone who has never really looked after yourself and are travelling solo, then by having to take control will help develop your skills.

A good challenge is to plan a multi-destination trip where you visit several places in one go. This will also test your organisational skills which may even help down the line in your career.

7. To get out of your comfort zone

When you travel you’ll often be out of your comfort zone. All the things you are used to may not be around and you may find yourself in a destination that is extremely run down compared to what you’re used to. It’s not always comfortable putting yourself in such situations, but it can be fun and can make you feel more alive.

8. For the shopping


If you like to shop then travel will open your doors to a whole new range of products. Such as traditional clothes, household items, artwork, food and more.

Shopping opportunities can vary a lot across the world, but some destinations such as Istanbul and Marrakesh (to name a few), can offer very unique experiences.

9. To meet new people

When you travel you will often meet people from around the world. This is especially true if you are staying in a hostel, as there are lots of friendly solo travellers looking to make friends. As well as meeting people at your accommodation you could also connect and meet up with locals, such as on Instagram.

10. For the stories and experiences

The more you travel the more stories you will undoubtedly pick up along the way. Some of these may be good and some may be bad, but they will still be stories and experiences that you can then share with others, or through social media.

11. To try local cuisines


A top reason to travel is to try local cuisines as nothing quite beats having a dish in the country it originated from.

When you travel search on Google (or another search engine), for “top food to try in [destination]” and you should get lots of good results. Two posts on this blog that recommend dishes to try include Food You Should Try When Visiting England and Food You Should Try in Thailand.

12. To escapes normal life

Life can sometimes feel dull and very routine with many people working a typical 9-5 Monday to Friday job. If that applies to you then use your bank holidays and other vacation time to travel more. You’ll probably get back from your holiday feeling so much happier and refreshed if you use your free time to have incredible experiences and visit beautiful destinations.

13. To experience different climates


Travelling can allow you to experience very different climates to what you’re used to. For example, if you are from the Middle East you may never have seen snow before, and I found in Austria that a lot of people from Saudi Arabia visit in the winter to see snow. Similarly, people from cooler countries often want to escape to hotter destinations.